Russian Classical Ballet Academy

Introductory Construction of Lesson

The study of any pas in classical ballet is approached gradually from its rough, schematic form to the expressive dance.

The same gradation exists also in the mastering of the whole art of the dance, from its first steps to the finished dance on the stage.

The lesson does not unfold immediately as a whole but develops through exercises at the barre and in the centre to adagio and allegro. Read more...

About A.Vaganova and her system

Vaganova's system is the natural development and continuation of the traditions of the Russian school of ballet. The creative efforts of many Russian choreographers, instructors and dancers were directed toward the perfection of the technique and expressiveness of classical ballet. Many well-known foreign instructors also worked for the Russian stage.

The skills that they imparted were assimilated creatively by the performers and were sometimes considerably altered in stage practice. The enormous experience amassed by those associated with Russian ballet was critically interpreted and systematized in the Soviet period, and became the innovative basis of the activity of Soviet ballet instructors. Read more...